Talisman – Gifts of the Shavtal

Talisman Book front cover

“Revenge is never justified, and you’ll always be held accountable….”

When twelve-year-old Georgina Trabeck found her pregnant mother lying on the floor, unconscious, she did something she had never done before—she called 911. Step-Dad had warned her never to call the police or tell anyone about what happened at home. But this was the final straw. Her fear turned to anger, and, to her surprise, her ability to see people’s auras was suddenly heightened.

Since the age of six, GiGi’s gift of seeing colors had warned her whether to hide in her bedroom and protect her three-year-old sister Chrissy or avoid the boys who bully her at school for being Filipino.

More troubling now is a black cloud aura she has seen wrapped around Step-Dad’s neck. She can tell it plagues him, and she can mentally manipulate it—an ability that allows her to fight back against him. With the help of her best friend, Danae Jenkins, and as her aura reading skills strengthen, she attracts a Sidhe Fairy Irra, who confronts Gi-Gi with a talisman and the shocking news that they are related. The fairy warns Gi-Gi not to use it for revenge, but Gig-Gi can’t rest until she knows the truth about what happened to Denae’s parents, even if it means risking their friendship and enraging Step-Dad.

Talisman-Gifts of the Shavtal is a magical journey about a young girl born with a gift that’s only granted to creatures from the Other World. She must learn to use it wisely if she wants to save the people she loves.